• What is statocat?

    statocat is a statistics generator for GitHub profiles, which is useful for employers looking for potential employees based on the various languages of code they write.

  • Who is statocat developed by?

    statocat is developed by @dvrylc and @engerium. It was actually developed as an entry to UP Singapore's API coLAB Hack Day where it clinched the award for Best Use of Other APIs.

  • I found a bug, where can I get in touch?

    statocat is fully open-source on GitHub. If you're familiar with the technology that runs statocat, feel free to send us a pull request! Or else, you can always drop us a note on Twitter ☺


  • What stack does statocat run on?

    statocat runs on Ruby on Rails, with a PostgreSQL database and is deployed on Heroku. More information can be found on our GitHub repository.

  • Why aren't the statistics accurate?

    We have tried our best to provide the most accurate statistics but there are limitations with the GitHub API that prevent us from doing so.

    Note that for language statistics, repositories must be both public and not a fork to be taken into account. If you find that there are severe inaccuracies for a particular account, please get in touch with us. Thanks!

  • Does statocat have an API?

    statocat provides a developer API for like-minded individuals to use the data we've collected. The API documentation and endpoints can be found on our GitHub repository.